The Iowa Association of REALTORS® stands united with all of our communities to condemn racism in all its forms. As Realtors we are called through our Code of Ethics to be advocates for all and champions of equality and inclusion. We have the power and responsibility to act on that commitment and make our communities better. We will continue to work to be a part of the solution, to strengthen the values that bind us, and to be active participants as we rebuild communities to ensure that all families and individuals have a right to live safely and securely in our state.

IAR is creating a Diversity Committee to help us ensure we are part of the solution! If you or a Realtor you know would like to serve on the Diversity Committee, please sign up here or share this link!

IAR 2020 Leadership Team
Scott Wendl, President
Jen Burkamper, President-Elect
Byron Menke, Vice President
Krista Clark, Treasurer
John Goede, Immediate Past President
Gavin Blair, CEO